What is Loozr?
Decentralized investing and music streaming platform on Web 3.0
Loozr is essentially a decentralized platform that mixes music streaming, tokenization, and speculative investing.
It enables creators to tokenize their name/brand, content, and songs; allowing fans to buy, sell, trade, and promote these tokens directly in real-time on the blockchain while also sharing streaming earnings.
It allows fans to directly and openly contribute to their favourite or upcoming artistes and brands, allowing them to succeed collaboratively on the go.

What Does This Mean?

Loozr, like Spotify or SoundCloud, is a music streaming platform for everyone; however, creators, artistes, celebrities, upcoming musicians, and labels can launch their own Song and Profile tokens directly on the blockchain.
These tokens or coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokens, can be bought, sold, and traded on the blockchain. Same way stocks are traded.
Coins or tokens can be launched by simply creating your own profile or uploading your song and the value of each coin is totally dependent on the rate at which people buy or sell that particular coin.
Thus, people who buy a potential coin are bound to increase in value ($) if they hodl that coin until its peak. Similarly, people can make money from trading the dip and rise of these coins.
Also, holders of an artiste's Song token earn money whenever that artiste's song is streamed.

The Music Industry.

Loozr can also be said to be a cryptocurrency-powered music streaming platform that allows everyone to invest in and profit from the success of artistes.
It employed the blockchain architecture to provide a more transparent, democratic, equitable, and collaborative framework for artistes, fans, producers, marketers, and other music industry participants to directly promote and invest in artistes and earn in real-time.
Loozr enables individuals involved in the music industry to share streaming gains amongst themselves, allowing all parties to benefit from an enhanced information flow and decision-making system.
It empowers creators, musicians, and communities to independently create their own blockchain-based digital economy.
One of our primary goals is to create the Metaverse that allows for the tokenization of audio content (music, podcasts, voice chats, radio, and so on) and the distribution of wealth in a way that benefits everyone in the ecosystem, from artistes and fans to technologists and investors.
NEAR Protocol is meticulously selected as the base layer for the platform due to its cross-chain interoperability, easily bridge ERC-20 tokens and assets from the Ethereum blockchain to the NEAR Protocol network, which gives our users access to higher throughput and lower transaction fees, speed, security, and usability.
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What Does This Mean?
The Music Industry.
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